AE in England, Nick Takes Home Top Honor

The last event of the swoop season for the Skydive 99 Grand Prix’s was held in Dunkeswell in September.  Nick Batsch was around for some coaching prior to the event, then Curt and Jeannie showed up to England after traveling from Italy a week early for their scheduled coaching on the west coast of England to attend the event.  Nick decided last minute that he wouldn’t let his teammates have all the fun and entered the comp as well.  There was an awesome showing of 10 competitors, 8 Pro’s and 2 amateurs.  The weather was remarkably good (for England) during the time the competitors were there.  They were able to get in a few practice jumps a day around some low set English clouds before the competition.  The day of the competition, the weather held off as well, with the locals voicing that they had never seen weather like that in September, especially with a comp scheduled.  Speed started things off.  There were a few problems with the sensors but everyone got scored on all 3 events.  Nick started out with an early lead as the judges handled the technical problems extremely well and kept the competition moving.  We switched to distance and kept the meet moving.  The plan was to crank out the 9 round meet in one day because the weather didn’t look promising for Sunday.  We got a few rounds of distance in dodging clouds, then got stuck on the ground for a weather hold.  When the clouds broke enough to jump, we moved on to Zone acc and did all three rounds back to back to back.  Nick took 1st in Zone Acc as well followed by Curt.  In the second round, Curt had to deal with a little teasing from the competitors after Jeannie beat his score on the course.  The final round of the comp went back to distance, with Curt throwing down a great distance score to beat Nick in the distance event.  Nick took home the overall win followed by Curt in 2nd and Jeannie in 3rd in the Open category..  In the Grand Prix league the overall podium was Dan Guest in 1st Place, Chris Lynch in 2nd, and Chris Good in 3rd.  In the Advanced, or ameture category, Pete Hodges was in 1st followed by Scott Mckenzie in 2nd Place.  After the meet, everyone meet up at the bar down the street for some much earned drinks and awards.  The overall atmosphere at the event was very friendly and everyone was having a lot of fun pushing each other to new heights.  We look forward to more events in the future!