Founded in 2009, Team Alter Ego is a group of young, highly skilled up-and-coming athletes.  From canopy piloting , to freeflying, to BASE jumping, to coaching, to ground launching, to demos…Alter Ego is pushing the envelope in all aspects of our sport.  The Team is quickly rising to the top and becoming leading edge flyers in a rapidly changing sport.  Focusing on Canopy Piloting, the Team is involved in the World Wide competition scene, but also focuses on local involvement to spread the knowledge and skills to others in the sport.  As the next generation of athletes, each member is pushing the boundaries of our sport in their own way, swiftly proving that Alter Ego is the future of human flight.

Every member of Alter Ego is not only a well known and very respected competitor, coach, and mentor, but also a group of professional and responsible individuals.  The Team works hard and primarily concentrates on its competitive nature and goals.  Alter Ego is dedicated to take its name to the podium each time any member competes on any level, whether it’s a small local competition, or a large World Class Competition overseas.  Swooping, or Canopy Piloting, is an act in which the pilot dives the canopy at the ground, exchanging altitude for speed to generate lift so that the parachute can plane out traveling at a high rate of speed inches above the ground for great distances.  The Canopy Piloting Competition scene is a fast paced, high stakes arena in which small mistakes can not only result in poor scores, but also injury or death.  This sport demands a high amount of skill to navigate a canopy through the courses safely, let alone precise enough to beat the opposition.  Those factors all make a place on the podium well earned and well deserved.

The team is also involved in almost every aspect of the sport of skydiving, which has a diverse field of disciplines.  Each member follows their own interests outside of swooping to become well rounded and well educated skydivers.  Most of the team is also heavily involved in freeflying, which is a discipline that has a fast freefall rate and involves flying your body in many different positions primarily including headdown and siflying, but also everything in between.  Alter Ego has a solid presence at almost every Freefly World Record Formation attempt.  A few of our members are also extremely involved in camera flying, taking video and pictures of various disciplines.  This ranges from tandem videos of first time jumpers, to freestyle which competes at a national and world level, to freeflying, to tracking and even 4-way belly flying teams which also compete.  Since the Team is involved in so many aspects of the sport, Alter Ego is a well rounded team possessing a lot of knowledge and experience in many aspects of our diverse sport.