Curt continues Podium Streak with 2nd Place at World Games Test Event

Teammates Curt and Jeannie both competed in the Test Event for the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.  The test event is run in preparation for next years Games, giving the organizers, staff and location a run down and some practice to make sure everything runs smoothly.  It is a very important event because the World Games is an Olympic Committee event and the only competition larger is the Olympics.  The Wroclaw Aeroclub will host Canopy Piloting, Powered Paragliding, and Aerobatic Glider competition all at once.  Curt and Jeannie were brought out as advisors and coaches to help make any adjustments to the pond or setup to the facilities if necessary.  They also ran a 4 day swoop camp to help train those looking to compete at the test event.

The competition consisted of normal Speed, Zone Accuracy, and a modified no drag Distance event with a 5 foot gate at 50 meters AND 100 meters that the competitors needed to stay under.  The competition got underway with speed in good conditions.  It moved along at a good pace with the small field of competitors.  Curt and Jeannie were not flying at 100%, each making small mistakes.  The competition moved into distance were Curt made up some of the points he had lost, keeping it tight between number one and two for the lead.  Moving on to zone accuracy, some great scores were put on the board in changing conditions which threw things up into the air.  Jeannie had some great scores which helped solidify her results.  Curt had some great scores until the last round where an uncommon mistake saw him lose the lead and get 2nd overall after falling past the box into zone 8.  The last event was Freestyle, which was scored separate from the Overall scores.  Jeannie scored an impressive 98 points in first round, keeping her less than two points away from Curt in first place.  Unfortunately, a crash in the 2nd round saw Jeannie drop down the order.  Curt put up another 100 point run in very treacherous conditions gusting up to 8 meters per second downwind to secure the Gold in freestyle.  The event was a huge success and was run very well by all of the organizers, who are ready to tackle the World Games in 2017 at the new facilities at Skydive Wroclaw.





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