Jay Starts 2017 Off With a Stunning Gold, Double Alter Ego Podium

The 2017 FLCPA season kicked off at Skydive City in Zephyrhills FL.  The whole week leading up to the event was plagued by high winds.  The winds also persisted throughout the event, limiting the overall number of rounds completed down to 4 out of 6.  Zone Accuracy was never completed, and the meet consisted solely of the power events.  The first round was distance, run in a fairly strong headwind.  The meet had over 60 competitors running in 3 classes.  The newly minted Beginner class had a great showing.  The class was designed to get new participants involved with competitions at an earlier stage to gain more experience as they learn in a safe environment.  The pros were available to help both the Beginners and the Advanced category.  Round 2 of distance saw Jay Sanders take the early lead, with German Max Manow in second, followed by Curt Bartholomew in 3rd.  Curt was running a new turn for the event, his first attempt at 810 degree turns for competition.  He had been training hard all summer and it seemed to be paying off.  The competition continued with the speed event.  Jay Sanders was still flying very strong on his 59 Petra with the fastest time of 2.204, while Curt was just behind him at 2.234.  The winds picked up and the event had to be finished the following day.  The last round saw a quartering tail wind and times dropped a bit.  Curt had the fastest time of the meet with a 2.199, bringing home the gold in Speed.  Jay continued his impressively strong runs with a 2.267 and held Curt off for the overall win, bringing home an awesome 1-2 finish for Alter Ego to start the year with Curt in 2nd.  Jeannie rallied on the last round, putting down a 2.389 to get her in the top 10 overall.  This time also means that Jeannie beat her National Women’s Speed Record as well.

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