Nerd Out On Numbers With Us!

The 2018 season for canopy piloting just got under way with the first FLCPA meet just a few weeks ago, and as the MotoGP season is about to start tomorrow, the team thought it would be fun to be a bunch of nerds and compare some numbers.  The team is a big fan of motorcycle racing, as sport where the rider is one of the most important parts of the equation, with body position and style greatly affecting performance….a lot like swooping. just put up some numbers of the likes of the top guys, like Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi.  According to their website, Marquez could be one of the greatest riders ever with the stats he has put on the board.  He has won 35 of the 90 races he has been a part of, a 38% win rate.  Looking at the stats of Alter Ego Fastrax team member Curt Bartholomew, he has competed in 85 comps and has won 33 of them, which is also a 38.8% win rate.  Marc Marquez has a podium rate of 70% with 65 podiums out of 90 races, while Curt has an impressive 85.8% podium rate with 73 out of 85.  Meanwhile, Valentino Rossi, one of Curt’s biggest idols and hero’s, has numbers the likes of a 29% win rate and 62% podium rate to go along with his 9 World Championship titles.  Rossi has the second most world titles in the sports history.  Marquez has 6 World Championship titles, plus a slew of other records he has broken.  Curt sits at 5 World titles in Canopy Piloting, also the second most in our sports history, trailing Jay Moledzki from the PD Factory team with 7.  Curt went to an 810 degree turn last winter and was putting monster runs and records on the board in the beginning of the season, which was only slowed down by a shoulder dislocation just as the summer got underway.  Jeannie Bartholomew from Alter Ego Fastrax has also been lighting up the record books as of late.  She currently has 10 female performance records ranging from State, to National and even Continental records in both Speed and Distance.  Breaking all of the previous female records set by female US competitors, she is on the leading edge of the competition scene and helping to inspire women around the world to take up arms and take it to the boys.  This season has also seen her move up from the 450 degree turn to the 810 degree turn and she has been smashing her previous performances in training all winter long.  Newcomer Alex Hart has joined an entirely revamped Team Alter Ego Fastrax just in time to start his first Pro season on his Peregrine canopies.  Alex is 24 years old and already has logged 7,500 jumps in the sport, starting when he was just 16 years old.  How long will it take before he is also smashing records out at the front of competitions now that he is training hard with two of the best canopy pilots on the planet?  The team is excited to see what this year brings!  Follow us on our journey and we hope to see you guys out on the swoop course somewhere across the globe!

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