Nick Becomes 2017 National Champion

There was a lot on the line this year at the 2017 National Championships.  It was a selection year for 2 World Meets.  Everyone showed up geared for battle to win the coveted slots.  Distance was the first event to run.  Nick and Jay Sanders both battled for the top spot while Curt fought for 3rd place.  After the 3rd round, Jay sanders brought home the Gold, giving him a slot on both the teams for the world meets in 2017 and 2018.  Nick was a close Silver, while Greg Windmiller took advantage of Curt’s shoulder injury and bumped him off the podium.  Speed was up next, and after charging hard in the final round and putting up a great score, Curt secured the Gold and a slot on both teams as well.  This also put Curt in First Overall with Nick tight on his heels.  After a big mistake in the first round of Zone Acc, Nick dropped 15 points behind Curt with only the 2 rounds of Zone Acc done.  Curt struggled in the closing stages, dealing with a lot of pain due to his shoulder, and couldn’t hold the top spot.  Nick edged him out to take the Championship title home.  Nick has the most National Championships in US Canopy Piloting history.  Congratulations to everyone who made the US Canopy Piloting team for the 2017 World Cup and the 2018 World Championships.

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