First EVER! XRW Meet

Directly after the first FLCPA competition and the wingsuit performance cup held at Skydive City, the FLCPA was proud to host the first EVER (Beer!) XRW competition.  This was held to test out some rules and scoring to help promote these competitions at the regional, national, and international levels in the future.  Only a handful of teams showed up, with most competitors exhausted after a long week of training and competing, but the meet was a big success.  It consisted of 3 jumps, with a draw being done for each jump.  The Pro class had a total of 6 possible points, back flying included, and the Advanced class had 3 points possible, sticking just to belly flying for the wingsuiter.  The teams had 45 seconds after the canopy pilot exited to get together and start taking points.  If they got together quicker than that, the clock started ticking for a total working time of one minute at the time of the first dock.  They had that 60 seconds to get as many points as possible and run through the draw of 5 points as many times as they could.  The scoring was done from the canopy pilots video camera, who was responsible for capturing the point on screen as well as flying and taking the points.  If the point wasn’t captured on the camera, it was considered a bust and the point wasn’t counted.  After the 3 jumps and a great battle, Justin Price from the PDFT and teammate Anthony Zerbonia from Wicked Wingsuits took the top of the podium.  In 2nd place was Curt Bartholomew from Team Alter Ego Fastrax and teammate Daniel Darby of The Alter Ego Project.  The Pro podium was rounded out by Performance Designs and the FLCPA’s very own Albert Bertchtold and Travis Mickle of Wicked Wingsuits.  The Advanced category was won by Richo Butts of Skydive California and Robin Harris of Skydive City.  Even though they were the only team in the Advanced category, they posted some impressive numbers throughout the competition.  Both competitors and judges learned a great deal and got some amazing feedback for scoring and rules to move forward and push a new discipline in our amazing sport.  We hope to see a lot more of these competitions in the future!

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