Alex Hart


Name:  Alex Hart

Age/Birthday:  24, September 15 1993

Hometown:  Cincinnati

Current City:  Cincinnati

Training Location:  Start Skydiving

Canopies:  Performance Designs Peregrine 67 Valkyrie 79 Competition Velocity 79, 84, 90, 96 (Skydiving)

Years in the Sport:  8

Date of First Skydive:  October 20 2010

Total Jumps:  7500+

Base Jumps:  0

Hobbies:  Snow Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Hiking, Baseball

Occupation:  Dropzone Owner/Marketing

Future Goals:  Compete more heavily, represent the US Parachute team in international events, become a World Champion, win the Triple Crown in Canopy Piloting.  I strive to be the best canopy pilot possible.  Participate in a Head Down Vertical World Record.


Alex’s Accomplishments:

Professional Exhibition Rating – 79 Square Foot Canopy

1st Place Overall MWCPA Skydive Midwest – 1st Place Distance, 2nd Place Speed, 3rd Place Zone Accuracy

5th Place Overall 2017 Pink Open – 9th Place Zone Accuracy

6th Place Overall NECPL Meet 1 – 1st Place Distance, 4th Place Speed, 7th Place Zone Accuracy

2nd Place Overall Advanced 2017 US Canopy Piloting Nationals – 1st Place Zone Accuracy, 2nd Place Speed, 5th Place Distance

3rd Place Overall Intermediate 2017 FLCPA Season – 1st Place Z-Hills (1st Place Distance, 1st Place Speed), 4th Place Z-Hills (3rd Place Zone Accuracy, 7th Place Speed), 5th Place Sebastian (5th Place Distance), 6th Place Tennessee (3rd Place Zone Accuracy, 5th Place Speed, 9th Place Speed), 1st Place Raeford (1st Place Zone Accuracy, 5th Place Distance) 3rd Place Raeford (2nd Place Zone Accuracy, 3rd Place Distance)

2nd Place Overall Advanced 2012 US Canopy Piloting Nationals – 4th Place Distance, 4th Place Speed, 4th Place Zone Accuracy