Jeannie Sets the Pace for 2017 with Another National Women’s Record

During the opening round of the FLCPA season, Jeannie started her year off with an impressive National Record.  She beat her own Women’s Speed Record of 2.411 with a 2.389.  This is particularly impressive considering Jeannie did this with a larger canopy.  During the off season, she switched to a Peregrine 67 for the Distance event.  She upsized from the 64 in hopes of improving her scores, she decided to run Speed on the same wing during this competition just to more thoroughly familiarize herself with it, before setting out on training the size switch.  Once she starts doing that she will be using a different size for each of the 3 events.  On the record Jeannie says, “I love being able to set the female records.  It’s important to get them out there because I want to inspire other women in the sport to get out there and compete.  I think this is really cool because I am not just setting records, I am also beating a lot of the boys out there.  It shows all the girls in the sport that we can fly canopies not only as well, but even better than the guys can.  Hopefully seeing these types of things will give the other women in our sport confidence in what they are doing on the fun jumper side of things as well.”  This is Jeannie’s 2nd National Record, along with 3 State Speed Records (2 in Florida and 1 in North Carolina).

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