Curt on Top Again with the “Hat Trick” at Pink Open

The Pink Open is one of the biggest competitions on the canopy piloting calendar year after year.  It is set at one of the most beautiful dropzones that is staffed by one of the most efficient and experienced group of people in the sport.  Teammates Jeannie, Curt and Ryan all showed up to represent Alter Ego.  Jeannie and Curt held a big 5 day swoop camp with the Danish Swoop Project before the competition, getting some awesome coaching and training in.

The competition got started with 2 rounds of Zone Accuracy.  Curt started the comp off right with back to back perfect 100 point scoring runs.  Jeannie and Ryan also put up respectable scores and continued to focus for the bigger picture.  The competition moved into 2 rounds of distance.  Ryan put up 2 great scores, as did Jeannie.  Curt also had 2 nice runs and the points at the top of the overall race stayed very tight.  The competition then moved into all 3 rounds of speed.  Curt struggled a bit with the first 2 runs, sustaining a rib injury on the 2nd round.  Jeannie had 2 nice runs, steadily climbing the score boards.  On the 3rd round of speed, one of Curt’s ribs dislocated right at the start of his maneuver.  He still completed the run, able to get the 2nd fastest time of the round and the gold in the event, and pushed the rib back in place himself when he landed.  Despite some serious pain, Curt was able to continue and finish the last two rounds of the competition.  The scores were tight at the top but at this point Curt had managed to gain about a 20 point lead.  The next round was the final round of Zone Accuracy.  Curt was able to put up an 84 on the board, at that point the best score of the round and get the gold in the event.  Jeannie had a rejump due to winds being over the limit, so she had to repack quickly and do another jump.  She came in and got a similar score, but needed to do a 3rd rejump because of winds again.  Curt helped her pack up while she mentally prepared for the jump in very difficult conditions. Managing that many rejumps in less than favorable conditions takes a toll on competitors.  She set out in the Cessna and came through the course.  This time, she stomped out a perfect 100 on the course, her first one!, and climbed well up the scoreboards.  The final round of the competition was carving, narrowing distance.  Jeannie put up a great score to finish 16th overall out of 70 competitors.  Curt was able to still manage a great score despite his rib injury to lock up the bronze medal in distance, and keep the points gap at the front for his 3rd consecutive Pink Open victory.  That makes 6 consecutive Pink Open titles within Alter Ego, Nick Batsch having won the previous three.  On top of that, Nick had won the World Cup in 2011 in Klatovy.  Overall, the Pink Skyvans have been very good to Alter Ego and we all look forward to next years event!




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