Alter Ego 1-2 as Curt Takes the 2016 Swoop Challenge Crown

Swoop Challenge is one of the biggest swoop competitions on the planet.  Around 100,000 people packed the streets of Copenhagen to watch 20 of the best swoopers in the world thrown down their best freestyle moves.  The event was broadcast on live tv for the 2 hour, 2 jump final.  The entire event started off with a few demo jumps, one of which was into the lawn in front of the Fredriksberg Castle.  Jeannie, Curt, Nick, Mike and Alter Ego Project Max Bruffell did a team swoop and landed right on the red carpet.  Weather saw qualifying turn from 3 jumps into just one.  Everyone was waiting as patiently as they could for hours as the weather played on their nerves.  Gear up calls were made, choppers were loaded, and then they were landed full of jumpers.  It finally cleared with just enough time for one jump. The competitors had one shot to make it into the top 16, with 4 jumpers being cut out of the finals.  Nick qualified in the top spot, Curt in 4th, and Jeannie made it to the finals this time around in 13th.  The weather was much better.  It seemed like everyone would be able to make the practice jump, along with both of the rounds in the final.  Planes were put in place just in case the weather rolled in.  With the sun shining, the first competitors started dropping out of the helicopters one at a time to land spectacularly in front of a live audience while they were being transmitted to live tv across the globe.  There was a live feed online so fans everywhere in the world could catch the action.  The competitors rolled into the first round of finals and the action heated up.  All 3 of the members of Alter Ego had great runs, and Mike captured all of the action with heart stopping air to air footage.  As the 2nd round got closer to the final jumpers the action started to heat up.  Curt had a spectacular 2nd round to really boost him up into the lead.  Nick then came in and put down a powerhouse run as well.  Nick was unloaded off the boats and when to get interviewed while waiting to see his score.  Nick and Curt waited together to see who would take first and who would take second, a 1-2 Alter Ego finish seeming sure.  The scores were tallied and Curt took first place by just a few points, making his 2nd round run the highest scoring of the whole competition.  Everyone celebrated and there was a huge party thrown by the organizers that night for everyone involved.  The event was a huge success, showing 20 swoopers what it felt like to be involved in a true sporting event.








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