Records For Everyone!!! Well Ok, Just Curt and Jeannie!

The fourth FLCPA competition of 2017 saw a brand new venue at West Tennessee Skydiving with a brand spanking new pond and a legendary King Air.  This was also the first swoop comp in Tennessee so there were some records up for grabs.  The weather was hit and miss (shocker) the week leading up to the comp.  High winds have plagued the whole country this entire winter season.  The forecast looked horrible for the weekend so competitors showed up early once again trying to get the comp in.  It was kicked off with Zone Acc, aiming to get the event with a lower wind limit (5 m/s) over first.  Competitors saw winds up in the mid 30 knot range at altitude.  That’s almost 40 miles per hour!  Adjusting quick, the scores in the headwind were high.  Curt put down a perfect 100 on the second round, only his 4th attempt at the new rules with a resized center zone.  Jeannie struggled a little with zone acc, but put some great distance scores on the board.  She had a personal best at 127.26 meters. This was a State Record for Tennessee, but to Jeannie’s delight, it also meant that she beat Jessica’s National Distance Record of 120 as well.  Curt also set a state record of 165.94, just 4 meters shy of the World Record.  The weather held out just enough for the competitors to keep going, while dodging clouds and rain.  The winds got squirrely and started changing dramatically.  At one point, the uppers were exactly 180 degrees off from the ground winds, making setups extremely difficult.   Beginner and Advanced class did a great job staying safe and putting up some impressive scores, while putting a lot of learning into their tool box.  The last event was Speed, with a State Record still up for grabs.  The first round the competitors struggled to get under the 3 second mark with high winds.  Only Matt Shull got down to 2.9.  Curt was a little too aggressive with his set up and had to stab out on toggles aggressively to avoid hitting the ground hard.  He managed to maintain control and still get a score.  Jeannie stepped up with the 3rd fastest time with 3.015, beating her husband.  The second round saw Curt regroup and set the fastest time of 2.45, narrowly beating local Charlie Mullins for the honors who had a 2.5.  Jeannie also set a State Record at 2.77.  In the advanced class, Nate Clark took home top honors followed by Alter Ego Project instructor Nick Peck, with Jens Esselstrom in 3rd.  Richo Healy took home the Gold in the Beginner category, his first ever victory, followed closely by David Williams with the Silver and his first medal, and beginner class overall season leader Evan Pritchard took the bronze.  The beginner class was swept by Alter Ego Project students, nice flying guys!  Curt sat on the top step of the podium in the Pro Class, with 598.464 out of 600 points.  The elusive “Perfect Competition” out of grasp by 1.536 points.  Matt Shull brought home the Silver overall and Travis Mills got the Bronze at his first showing as a PDFT member.  In the Pro class, Curt sits in 1st overall, Just Price in 2nd after his first meet as a PD Factory Team member, and Jeannie still sits in 3rd.


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