Jeannie Holds Down Top of the Podium for Alter Ego and Wins Her First Pro Competition

For the four days before the 4th Italian Swoop Tour Meet of the 2016/2017 season, The Alter Ego Project ran a big training camp with Curt and Jeannie present to do the coaching.  This competition was exactly one week prior to the Italian National competition, a perfect time for the locals to get some coaching and get fully prepared to tackle Nationals.  The camp had between 9 and 14 participants every day of the 4 days, a great showing and a lot of progress was made by everyone.  The second jump of the first day saw Curt dislocate his shoulder on a freestyle training run.  He was working on new techniques for getting back to his controls from a Ghostrider….they didn’t work.  He was able to put his shoulder back into place himself within the first 30 seconds, so the injury wasn’t too severe, only requiring a few weeks of rest to recuperate.  This also meant that he would not be taking part in the competition on Saturday.  This competition consisted of 6 rounds, 3 in Distance and 3 in Zone Accuracy.  The Speed event would not be a part due to limited space in the landing area, and a timing system.  In the future, Speed will be a part of the competitions at Flygang.

The competition got kicked off with a round of Distance in very light winds.  The first round saw Matia Fenati, Allesandro, and Guissepi Crot have the farthest runs, with Jeannie just behind.  The meet then moved on to Zone Accuracy, just to secure one round of each to make a full meet in case of weather.  A few great scores in zero wind were put up with Matia Fenati getting an 86, Jeannie putting up an 84, and Christian Bonaldo also getting an 84.  The next round of Zone Acc was extremely difficult.  Light but extremely variable winds saw different conditions for almost every pass and were almost unreadable from the air.  The wind socks were swirling, but when the dust settled, Jeannie had sat down in the center zone for a 90 point score, where Matia and Christian both received zeros in the tough conditions.  By the time the competitors were ready for the next round the wind had stabilized into a fairly strong downwind, so Distance was up next.  Jeannie put up another consistent run while Guiseppe, Allesandro and Matia put down the top scores once again.  At this point Jeannie had a sizable lead going into the two final rounds, having to manage some tough pressure from behind.  Speed has always been Jeannie’s strongest event, so she had to dig deep to hold her lead in Distance with only a 2.9 wingloading, leaving her at a disadvantage with a light windloading on a very small wing.  Not ideal conditions to run Distance in.  The field took off and Jeannie put her canopy hard in the corner and had her person best Distance run in a competition to date with a 127.45 meter run, the second farthest run of the meet, only 2 meters behind Guissepe.  Allesandro missed the water drag and scored a zero, Matia Fenati put down another great run along with Guissepe.  Only one round of Zone Acc left in the meet.  The competitors went on a hold due to high winds directly downwind over the limit.  Jeannie had a 61 point lead out front going into the last round with hours to sit around and think about the pressure.  Towards sunset, the decision was made to call the meet due to the winds.  The judges wanted to keep the competitors safe and not put them up in high winds. The winds were forecasted to be even worse the following day.  Jeannie ended up in first with her sizable lead after only 5 rounds, keeping the pressure at bay with a focused and cool attitude to match a competitor that is used to being at the top.  Guissepe Crot ended the meet in 2nd overall, with Matia Fenati rounding out the podium.  Jeannie ended up on top of the Zone Acc podium, with Allesandro in 2nd and Matia Chinello in 3rd.  The Distance podium consisted of Guissepe Crot in 1st, Matia Fenati in 2nd, and Jeannie rounded out 3rd.  This was Jeannie’s first win as a Pro, as she continues to build momentum and confidence going into the big summer tour.  The next major comp will be an FLCPA, and then on to the World Games, where Jeannie and Curt will make history by being the first married couple to ever compete in the World Games.  This will also mark Jeannie’s first time representing the United States at a World Level event, something she has worked very hard for.

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