Jeannie Sets Female National Distance Record

Tennessee hosted the 4th competition of the season for Alter Ego.  The team came away with 4 State Records, sweeping the set fully between Curt and Jeannie.  They each brought home records in both Speed and Distance.  Curt set a 165.94 meter distance run, only 4 meters shy of the World Record.  He also set a 2.45 second Speed record.  Jeannie put up a Speed record of 2.76 and a Distance record of 127.26 meters.  The distance record was a personal best for Jeannie in her competition career.  She had made a size switch with her canopies in the off season and her hard work and dedication are paying off.  This record also saw her surpass Jessica Edgington’s National Women’s Distance Record of 120 meters.  This run was the 5th farthest score of the round, meaning Jeannie continues to prove that she isn’t just setting Women’s record uncontested, but she is also beating the boys and climbing up the ranks as she improves.  Jeannie now holds the National Women’s Record in both Speed and Distance, proving she is one of the most premier female athletes the US has fielded in Canopy Piloting.


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