Curt Wins FLCPA #2

The season continued for the FLCPA at Z-hills with meet #2.  The weather was much more cooperative this time around.  It was an unusual headwind once again for the competitors.  Both meets for the start of the season were run into the wind.  In the Distance event, Eric Deroy took home the top honors followed closely by Curt Bartholomew while he still made progress with his 810.  Jay Sanders brought home 3rd in Distance with all of the competitors struggling to get very far past the 100 meter mark.  This meet saw the new rules and the resized box brought out for the first time.  The center zone is now only 1 meter wide while still being the 2 meters deep.  Tommy Dellibac was at the top of the pile in Zone Acc, followed by Matt Lenoard, with Curt bringing up 3rd.  Curt brought home the top speed scores just ahead of Tommy, Shane Seydel on his newly minted Peregrine switch, Sergey Romanyuk, followed by Jeannie Bartholomew who rounded out an impressive 5th place in Speed.  She sits in very strong company running Speed with only 2.9 wingloading.  This also rounds out another top ten finish for her with a 9th overall, Jay Sanders barely missed a Speed gate towards the end of the comp and dropped to 11th overall.  Curt finished in 1st overall, getting his first taste of Gold with the new turn.  Tommy Dellibac got 2nd overall and Shane Seydel got on the podium on his first meet back on PD products after switching from the Petra to a Peregrine in the winter.  After meet 2, Curt sits in 1st Overall for the season while Justin Price is in 2nd, and Jeannie rounds out the top 3.

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