Curt Brings Home Another Gold at FLCPA #3

FLCPA meet number 3 saw a change in venue and the competitors went back to Skydive Sebastian for the 2nd time since the pond was built.  The high wind trend continued.  During the week training went well, then the winds picked up and the training day on Friday was cut short and only half a day was jumpable while Curt was the league coach.  Saturday kicked off and everyone was there at the crack of dawn hoping to get a jump or two in.  The practice round went well and the winds stayed in limits.  Unfortunately, before the competitors could get up for the 1st round, the winds were already higher than the 7 meter per second limit.  Everyone sat around until the afternoon in hopes of getting a jump but it wasn’t meant to be.  Albert released everyone with another 630 take off time for Sunday.  This time the Pro’s were able to get 2 rounds in.  After the second jump, only a single competitor was over the limit and couldn’t get the rejump in so the round was thrown out.  This would be a one round competition.  The Advanced class also got one round in, while the Beginner class struggled with it’s 5 meter per second lighter wind limit.  Out of 2 rounds flown they did not get a full round in without rejumps.  Curt brought home the Gold, Justin Price brought home the Silver, and Shane Seydel got on his second podium of the season after switching to PD products and jumping the Peregrine.

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