Curt Clinches 5th FLCPA Season Overall Win With Perfect 2016 Season

Curt Bartholomew brings home the 2016 FLCPA Overall Season victory with a perfect 300 out of 300 points.  Curt finished each overall and every event of all 3 competitions in the top 2 places.  These consisted of 10 1st Place finishes and 1 2nd Place finish.  There is still one more competition left in the season, but with the worst meet score of the season being dropped, Curt clinched the win prior to the 4th event.  This is Curt’s 5th Season win in the FLCPA, he has competed in 8 seasons so far.  That is a 63% win rate that he currently holds in the FLCPA Season Overall standings, and with an additional two 2nd Place finishes that makes an 88% Podium rate.  Curt only failed to finish in the top 3 only one time in his career, where Nick Batsch, Greg Windmiller, and Warren Cleary edged him out for the top honors in 2011.

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