Curt Bartholomew Takes Home the US National Championship Gold

Alter Ego had a great showing at the 2015 US Nationals.  Through extremely hot and humid conditions and changing weather, the team managed to bring home 8 of the 12 medals for Canopy Piloting and grabbed 3 out of the 12 slots on the US team.  Those medals included a distance podium sweep by Alter Ego, the first for the team.  Congrats to everyone who competed and gets to represent the US in Canada at the World Cup.  The team would like to send out a huge thank you to all of the judges and event organizers for standing out in the 103F weather all day everyday to make this event happen!


1st Curt Bartholomew – Alter Ego

2nd Tommy Dellibac – PDFT

3rd Nick Batsch – Alter Ego



1st Nick Batsch – Alter Ego

2nd Curt Bartholomew – Alter Ego

3rd Jay Sanders – Alter Ego


Zone Accuracy

1st Curt Bartholomew – Alter Ego

2nd Rob Wallace – Socal Evolution

3rd Gage Galle – PDFT



1st Tommy Dellibac – PDFT

2nd Nick Batsch – Alter Ego

3rd Curt Bartholomew – Alter Ego


US Canopy Piloting Team

Curt Bartholomew – Alter Ego

Tommy Dellibac – PDFT

Nick Batsch – Alter Ego

Greg Windmiller – Golden Knights

Justin Price – Airspeed

Paul Rodriguez

Albert Berchtold –  PD Factory Factory Team

Rob Wallace – Socal Evolution

Ian Bobo – PDFT

Matt Shull – G-Swoop

Ryan Brownlow – Alter Ego

Gage Galle – PDFT









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