FLCPA Meet#1 Curt Bartholomew takes 1st overall!

Curt Bartholomew takes first place overall at the first meet of the season. He was 50 points ahead of second place after 3 rounds! The meet had gone into Sunday due to weather and there was not enough time to complete the full 6 rounds of competition.

Full results can be found at swoopleague.com



Nick Batsch Sets 7th Distance World Record 157 meters

Nick Batsch set a new World Distance Record of 157 meters at the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championships!  Nick proved yet again he is the master of distance by throwing down a new World Record in less than ideal conditions.  He awed the spectators by climbing over 30 feet off the ground to accomplish this amazing feat and etched in another record.


FLCPA 2014 Season Starts February!

This years season will be action packed with five meets in four months. We’ll begin in February and lead up to our famous “nationals practice” meet being held the weekend before USPA Nationals.

This year will have OVER $5,000 in prize money.

Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 8-9

Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 15-16

Meet #3 Raeford Parachute Center April 5-6

Meet #4 Skydive The Farm April 26-27

Meet #5  Skydive City Z-Hills May 17-18


Curt Bartholomew wins Triple Crown

Sep. 7, 2013 – DELAND, Fla. — Team Alter Ego had one goal in mind at the beginning of 2013: to sweep the 4 major Canopy Piloting (CP) competitions scheduled for the year. Not only have they succeeded in their goals so far, but Curt Bartholomew’s most recent win gives him the highly coveted title of Canopy Piloting Triple Crown Champion, becoming the first United States competitor to hold the distinction.

The Triple Crown of Canopy Piloting Champion is only bequeathed to a competitive Canopy Pilot who wins the World Games, the World Canopy Piloting Championship and the World Cup of Canopy Piloting in the same competition circuit.  As the current title holder for each of these championships and the Dubai International Parachuting Championship, Bartholomew solidifies his position as the #1 Canopy Pilot in the world.

Although there are several Canopy Piloting competitions throughout each year, they aren’t all held annually. The World Games are held every four years, with the other two competitions of the Triple Crown being held every two years, further making the Triple Crown distinction a difficult one to achieve. The only other Canopy Pilot who has held the distinction of Triple Crown Champion is Performance Designs Factory Team Member, Jay Moledzki from Canada.

In CP competitions, fractions of inches and points can mean the difference between 1st and 2nd and lead changes are commonplace. For instance, in the World Games competition held earlier this year,  Bartholomew trailed the former Triple Crown winner, Moledzki by 0.4 points going into the last day of competition. In only three jumps, Bartholomew would overtake the lead and finish a full 45 points ahead of 2nd place.

One of the keys to consistently winning Canopy Piloting competitions is, well, consistency, which Bartholomew has in spades. Of the three types of jumps completed during a competition (Speed, Distance and Zone Accuracy), Zone Accuracy tends to be the achilles heel of most competitors; and, therefore, the one that Bartholomew has worked hard to master.

“Being able to land high scores in Zone Acc is tough,” Bartholomew shared. “It can make or break your entire meet and the weather conditions and even event location can be a huge factor in your score”.

Throughout every competition, Bartholomew can be counted on for at least one perfect 100 score in Zone Accuracy (a stand-up landing in a small square after dragging water through a pond). His ability to seemingly score perfect 100’s in Zone Acc at will (and often end competitions with the exciting feat) has earned him the nickname “Clutch” from fans and other competitors. The tighter the competition and the higher the stakes is when Bartholomew shines.

For Bartholomew, the Triple Crown title is one that is both humbling and exciting, especially having earned the title while competing this summer with his teammates.

“We’re on a great run right now,” Bartholomew said. “We work hard to be the best in the field and it is paying off. As a team, Alter Ego hasn’t lost a major competition in two years and we help each other out a lot to keep the level of our flying high. On a personal level, I’ve also learned to fight through pain, injury and disappointment. To this point, this is the greatest achievement of my life”.

All four team members of Alter Ego will gather in force at the next two competitions being held in October (SunPath Open in Raeford, NC and Project Orange in Zephyrhills, FL), with Bartholomew and teammate Nick Batsch returning to Dubai in November where Bartholomew will defend his Dubai International Parachuting Championship.

Bartholomew, a Zionsville, PA native, lives in DeLand, FL with his wife and teammate, Jeannie Bartholomew, where he trains and work at Skydive DeLand.

About Canopy Piloting

Canopy Piloting competitions are judged over the performances in 9 rounds of competition: 3 rounds each of Zone Accuracy, Distance and Speed. The pilots must navigate a water course at speeds upwards of 100 mph, with each event presenting unique challenges that affect how the pilot maneuvers his canopy. The placement of a toe can be enough to mean the difference between who is on top and who settles for Silver.

2013 marks the 3rd year in a row that Curt Bartholomew and Nick Batsch have been collecting gold medals as Team Alter Ego, and Bartholomew’s World Cup victory is the 12th consecutive win for the pair:


– World Cup of Canopy Piloting (Curt)

– Pink Canopy Piloting Open (Nick)

– World Games (Curt)

– USPA National (Nick)

– FLCPA Overall (Curt)


– World Canopy Piloting Championship (Curt)

– USPA National (Curt)

– Pink Canopy Piloting Open (Nick)


– Dubai International Parachuting Championship (Curt)

– World Cup of Canopy Piloting (Nick)

– USPA National (Nick)

– Pink Canopy Piloting Open (Nick)



Bartholomew wins 2013 World Cup of Canopy Piloting


7th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting:

This leg of the competition season has seen the same 4 competitors battling for the top spot time and again: Team Alter Ego’s Curt Bartholomew and Nick Batsch versus the PD Factory Team’s Tommy Dellibac and Pablo Hernandez. However, 76 other pros arrived in Kolomna ready to take over.


Day 1 – Speed & Distance

There was no playing around during Day 1 when competitors completed 6 rounds of the competition and closed the day with a new Speed World Record and a tight point spread between the top 15 competitors.

US Army’s Greg Windmiller (USA), began the competition with three Speed World Records listed in his resume and would add one more to the list before the first day was halfway over. With a speed of 2.371 in the final Speed round, he became a 4th time Canopy Piloting Speed World Record Holder.

The field quickly shifted to Distance, and another World Record would be challenged in the first round with Skydive Dubai’s Cornelia Mihai (UAE) setting a new Female Distance World Record after flying 138.54 meters. Curt Bartholomew (USA) flying his canopy 154.02 meters was only .07 meters short of teammate Nick Batsch’s current world record of 154.09 meters. Batsch, however, would continue to dominate the Distance rounds, ultimately besting Bartholomew and the UAE’s Billy Sharman.

Day 2 – Zone Accuracy Rounds 1 & 2

The field awoke on Day 2 with expectations of an intense 3 jumps, with the scores so close that anyone in the top 15 could still podium.

Bartholomew would broaden his lead over the other competitors with a 91 score (100 points) in the first round and a perfect 100 score in the 2nd round, which would be the only perfect 100 scored by any competitor throughout both completed rounds.

After the second round, Bartholomew was comfortably in first by nearly 60 points, leaving Dellibac to protect his silver standing from Sharman and the rest of the top 15, who were all within striking distance should they outscore him in the last and final jump.

Event organizers had planned to complete the competition on Day 2, but only about half of the field were able to complete the final round before a weather hold stopped the competition for the day.

The competitors arrived the next morning ready to complete the final round, but would end up spending two days waiting on weather to clear to finish that final Zone Accuracy Round.

With weather forecasts not showing a promising window, event organizers called the competition complete Saturday afternoon without the final round of Zone Accuracy.

The World Cup of Canopy Piloting victory gives Bartholomew what is known as the Canopy Piloting Triple Crown – the current champion of the World Cup, World Canopy Piloting Championship and the World Games.

Overall Winners:
Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)
Silver: Tommy Dellibac (USA)
Bronze: Billy Sharman (UAE)

Speed Medalist:
Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)
Silver: Tommy Dellibac (USA)
Bronze: Billy Sharman (UAE)

Distance Medalists:
Gold: Nick Batsch (USA)
Silver: Billy Sharman (UAE)
Bronze: Curt Bartholomew (USA)

Zone Accuracy Medalists:
Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)
Silver: Pablo Hernandez (ESP)
Bronze: Dominic Roithmair (AUT)


Bartholomew Emerges Victorious from 2013 World Games

After three days of lead changes, wild weather and nine intense jumps, Team Alter Ego member Curt Bartholomew added Canopy Piloting Gold to the USA medal count at the 2013 World Games, continuing his reign as the #1 Canopy Pilot in the world.

“This was a super tight competition in the hardest conditions I’ve ever flown in,” Bartholomew said after the competition. Chosen as one of only six US Canopy Pilots to compete at the World Games (held every four years and organized by the International Olympic Committee), Bartholomew was the seeded #1 Canopy Pilot going into the competition, which began last Thursday.

Only the very best Canopy Pilots in the world received an invitation to the World Games, and 36 champions had their eye on taking the top spot in the highly-coveted and highly exposed World Games. Having dominated the competition scene for the past year and a half, winning the last two world competitions (2012 World Canopy Piloting Champion and 2011 Dubai International Parachuting Champion), Bartholomew was in the crosshairs and an intense showdown was imminent going into the World Games.

Bartholomew was bested by teammate Nick Batsch at the 2013 US Nationals Championships and has been healing after an injury that occurred late in his regional Florida Canopy Piloting Association Championship run. In addition to Batsch, seven-time World Champion Jay Moledzki was fresh off a Canadian National Championship win and had his sights set on earning Gold at the World Games.

Throughout the competition, Bartholomew, PD Factory Team members Pablo Hernandez and Moledzki moved around the top 3 spots, with lead changes as close as 0.4 points separating first and second. Going into the 3rd and final day of competition, the scores pointed to a showdown between Bartholomew and Moledzki, with Hernandez taking 3rd. Batsch would earn three 100 scores during the competition and set a World Games Distance Record at XXX meters, but stumbles in the first two rounds of Zone Accuracy left him short of the podium in 4th place, missing 3rd by 1.5 points.

An upset was plausible with any given event, though, as the top 10 were within striking distance if one of the top three had even one bad round.

Moledzki would end the competition in 9th, with fellow PD Factory Team member Thomas Dellibac taking over 2nd place on the podium. Dellibac posted consistent scores throughout the competition, which allowed him to capitalize when Moledzki posted a 67.032 to Dellibac’s 92.307 in the first event of the day, Zone Accuracy. Dellibac also outscored Hernandez, closing the gap to 2nd and 3rd. Dellibac bested Moledzki by 9 points and Hernandez by 18 points in Speed for the second round of the day and had the podium in sight. When Moledzki scored only 3 points in the final Distance round he dropped unexpectedly to 9th and Dellibac sealed the silver by outscoring Hernandez by 11 points in the round. Positions 2nd, 3rd and 4th were only separated by 1.5 points between each rank.

“I’m last out. I watched all the key players throw down, with Curt landing right before me,” Moledzki wrote to his Facebook fans after the competition. “I saw the mark, I knew what was necessary to beat it by enough to pass and regain the lead. I put the hammer firmly down and brought mega heat to the gate, but couldn’t keep it below the marker. I didn’t come here to get a silver medal”.

Hernandez fought throughout the competition with only Speed showing as an achilles heel. In a dead heat for Gold with Bartholomew and Moledzki, some would say his time to be on top of the podium is due.

Bartholomew never fell below 3rd place, and his consistency in producing solid scores in each event allowed him to finish a full 45 points ahead of the silver earning score. He was also awarded “Athlete of the Day”, chosen out of 4500 athletes also competing on August 4 and joining only 29 other competitors who were chosen among a pre-selected jury.

“2013 World Games Champion. I’m still wrapping my mind around that,” Bartholomew said. “I will remember this one for the rest of my life”.

World Games 2013 Canopy Piloting Top 10:
1. Curt Bartholomew (USA)
2. Thomas Dellibac (USA)
3. Pablo Hernandez (ESP)
4. Nick Batsch (USA)
5. Andrew Woolf (AUS)
6. Brian McEnney (USA)
7. William Sherman (UAE)
8. Timothy McMaster (UAE)
9. Jason Moledzki (CAN)
10. Roman Dubsky (SVK)



Alter Ego Teammates prepare for the 2013 World Games

Jul. 31, 2013 – Following a commanding performance at the US Canopy Piloting (CP) Nationals in May, Curt Bartholomew and Nick Batsch from Team Alter Ego are ready to repeat that dominate performance at the The World Games in Cali, Columbia, starting Thursday, August 1.

Chosen as two of only 6 US Canopy Pilots to compete at the World Games (organized by the International Olympic Committee), Bartholomew & Batsch are the early favorites to bring home Gold and Silver at the widely covered event.

Although the pair bested the rest of the field by 45 points at the US National Championships and became the winningest CP team in US Nationals history with their 5th collective Gold, they aren’t taking their competition for granted and are always pushing their training and performances to stay on top.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to take part in such a large scale, world class event,”Bartholomew said about the World Games. “I have been dealing with some serious injuries the last few months but I can’t wait to perform in front of, and along side so many other sports!”

As teammates, they rely on each other during competitions in planning strategies for each round and discipline. Having won every major CP competition for the past two years, their strength as teammates is paying off.

“We push and help each other, it’s how we stay on top,” Batsch shared. “Our goal is not just to win, but to win by a staggering separation between us and the rest of the field. We are talking with each other in between every round to make sure we have the right plan for each event”.

As competitors, they are each other’s biggest competition. The pair are consistently in a dead heat with one another until the final jumps of a competition. A margin of only 1.7 points separated the two leading into the final jump at the 2013 US National competition. In second place, Bartholomew jumped first and scored a perfect 100 in Zone Accuracy. Batsch answered with a 100 of his own, maintaining his lead to earn Gold Overall and his 4th US National Championship title.

“If someone is going to beat me, I want it to be my teammate,” Bartholomew added.

The World Games

The World Games began Friday, July 26 and includes 4500+ athletes from 101 countries participating in 31 different sports. The Canopy Piloting competition at the World Games will be held August 1-4. The CP field is comprised of 36 registered competitors and includes only the very best Canopy Pilots from around the world.

Canopy Piloting

Canopy Piloting competitions are judged over the performances in 9 rounds of competition: 3 rounds each of Zone Accuracy, Distance and Speed. The pilots must navigate a water course at speeds upwards of 100 mph, with each event presenting unique challenges that affect how the pilot maneuvers his canopy. The placement of a toe can be enough to mean the difference between who is on top and who settles for Silver.

Team Alter Ego’s Curt Bartholomew & Nick Batsch

Bartholomew & Batsch currently hold 3 global titles: Bartholomew holds the CP World and Dubai International Parachuting Championships, while Batsch is the current CP World Cup and US National Champion. Immediately following the World Games, Bartholomew & Batsch will travel to Kolmna, Russia for the Canopy Piloting World Cup Championships, followed by the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship in December.

Alter Ego Dominates 2013 National Championships

May 18, 2013 – Alter Ego proved why they are the #1 Canopy Piloting Team in the World at the CP National Championship last week. Separated by only 1.77 points leading into the final jump, Curt Bartholomew ran a perfect Zone Accuracy jump and forced teammate Nick Batsch to do the same in order to win the championship.

“For awhile it was just me and Nick in the plane,” Bartholomew shared after the final jump of the National competition. “It was really cool and nice to have that moment with my teammate.”

A crowd gathered around the landing area, growing in numbers as other competitors, many out of medal contention, finished their own final jumps. By the time the final two competitors were lined up, a hushed anxiety grew.

When Bartholomew landed, a cheer erupted as many believed he had just won. Bartholomew quickly removed his gear and watched as Batsch prepared to approach the course. Meanwhile, Batsch was watching the action from 3,000 feet in the air.

“I put my canopy in brakes and watched Curt’s landing” Batsch later said. “I knew I had to hit 100 and as soon as I rolled out of my turn, I knew I had it.”

Batsch’s final jump ended two days of intense competition between the field of 79 and when he landed a perfect 100, his teammates and rivals were among those cheering the loudest, even though the two had eclipsed the competition with a staggering 45 point lead over 3rd place. Batsch later collected his 4th National title, making him the winningest Canopy Pilot in USPA Nationals history. The pair earned 7 of the 12 medals awarded at the competition.

Their win at CPNC also earn the pair a position on the US Team, competing at the World Cup in Kolomna and the Dubai International Parachuting Championship (DIPC) later this year in addition to previously being chosen to compete at the 2013 World Games (organized under the IOC) in Colombia.

As Batsch and Bartholomew prepare for the upcoming world competitions, the pressure intensifies for the broadened stage. Having earned gold and silver in nearly every major competition they’ve competed for the past 3 years, they are used to being targets at competition.

This pair comes prepared, as a key difference between Batsch and Bartholomew is in how they work together, even during a competition.

“We work to help each other’s performance in each event” Batsch explained. “We are talking with each other in between every round to make sure we have the right plan for each event”.

Their dedication played out during the Distance and Zone Accuracy events of the competition. While the scores show that the two are almost identical in performance, they each have go-to events during competitions.

Batsch is the current World Record Distance holder and has owned that title 6 consecutive times. During the National Championship he set a new Florida state Distance Record at 124 meters. However, he was bested by Bartholomew in the Distance event of the competition for the first time.

Likewise, Bartholomew is known as being a clutch performer in the Zone Accuracy event of the competition – almost scoring 100’s on demand. This time he was unseated this time by Batsch.

“We push and help each other. It’s how we stay on top. Our goal is not just to win, but to win by a staggering separation between us and the rest of the field,” Batsch continued. “50 points separation is not enough. We want to double that”.

“If someone is going to beat me, I want it to be my teammate,” Bartholomew added.


Curt Bartholomew Wins 2012 World Championships in Dubai

12/15/2012 – DeLand

Team Alter Ego members, Bartholomew and Batsch Sweep Canopy
Piloting World Parachuting Championships

Teammates, Curt Bartholomew and Nick Batsch, emerged on top of the 129-field competition at
the World Parachuting Championships in December, bringing home every Gold Medal
in the Canopy Piloting Events, a new World Record and the 1st and 2nd place Overall
Canopy Piloting Championships.
Bartholomew (DeLand, FL) and Batsch (Denver, CO), teammates on the US-based
Canopy Piloting Team, Alter Ego, placed 1st and 2nd, respectively, at the US Nationals
event held earlier in 2012 and were members of the 8-person team representing the
USA at the Championship event.
Team Alter Ego’s final medal count was 6 out of the possible 12 in the Canopy Piloting Division, including
every gold medal. Bartholomew brought home the coveted Canopy Piloting Overall gold
medal and trophy and was named World Champion. He earned gold
medals in the Speed and Zone Accuracy events and a bronze medal in the Distance
Event. Batsch set a new World Record for Distance (his 6th World Record), silver
Canopy Piloting Overall and a gold medal in the Distance event.
Bartholomew finished the competition nearly 44 points ahead of teammate Batsch and
65 points ahead of 3rd place finisher, Pablo Hernandez (ESP).

Canopy Piloting Competition Detail

Three events are held to determine the overall Canopy Piloting Champion: Speed,
Accuracy and Distance. Each event is has three rounds and an overall winner is
determined using the combined results of each round.
Bartholomew came out strong, quickly establishing dominance in the Speed Event
rounds in Day 1. After the heaviest day of jumping in the competition, Day 3,
Bartholomew grew closer to his goal of an overall Canopy Piloting Championship title by
clinching the Gold in Zone Accuracy with a perfect 100 score. The perfect 100 score
was one of only two scored in Zone Accuracy during the entire competition.
With the silver medal left in play, teammate Nick Batsch broke his own World Record in
Distance with a 154.09 run in the second round of the Distance Event. Batsch set the
previous World Record of 151.95 meters earlier this year at the US Nationals
Competition. This staggering 154.09 meter run, the length of 1.6 football fields, was
Batsch’s 6th World Record!

Nick Batsch
2nd Place Canopy Piloting Overall
World Record – Distance
Gold – Distance
Curt Bartholomew
1st Place Canopy Piloting Overall
Gold – Zone Accuracy
Gold – Speed
Bronze – Distance

Team Alter Ego
While Bartholomew and Batsch each represented Team USA at the World Parachuting
Championships; stateside, they are each members of a four-person Canopy Piloting
team, Team Alter Ego. Team Alter Ego has exploded into the competition scene with
Bartholomew and Batsch holding the National, World and International titles for the past
2 years.

2012 – Bartholomew
Gold US Nationals
Gold World Parachuting Championships – Canopy Piloting
2012 – Batsch
Silver US Nationals
Silver World Parachuting Championships – Canopy Piloting
2011 – Batsch
World Cup
2011 – Bartholomew
International Championship

Curt Distance