Nick takes home 2nd World Title in Canada at the 2015 World Cup of Canopy Piloting

Everyone showed up to Parachutisme Nouvel Air in Canada thinking that it would cool, crisp weather.  They were all wrong.  We all showed up to what felt like a Florida summer, high temperatures and even higher humidity.  The air flew very strangely, not many of the competitors had ever experienced anything like it.  The air was very slow and the set up points for their maneuvers were in unusual spots.  The best of the best adjusted quickly and got on with their training.  Speed times were slow and distances short.  The turn of the first weekend saw the oppressive humidity vanish and conditions improve.  Speeds were quicker and distances were farther, for a short few days.  As the competition drew near, the forecasts were for strong headwinds.

The organizers and judges had an amazing opening ceremony and an awesome meeting with the mayor of the town for the competitors beforehand.  The dropzone was running smoothly and had taken great care of the competitors by putting us up in nice hotels.  The competition started off with all 3 rounds of the Speed event.  The winds were light in the morning but quickly picked up.  Nick Batsch started carving out an early lead, cutting through the headwind and humid conditions like butter with his 57 Petra.  Justin Price, new to the World level competition scene, was throwing down some great runs as well.  Alter Ego teammates Curt and Ryan came out of the gate with consistent runs, with Michael McCann following his teammates to shoot great air to air video.

The competition moved on to Distance next, completing a few rounds but not finishing the event.  Nick again set some awesome runs, with Curt and Ryan right on his heels.  The distances were some of the shortest in recent competitions due to the high head winds.  Only a few of the top runs were even over the 100 meter mark, most being down in the 80 meter mark range.  The comp was running smoothly and then went to Zone Acc.  Nick had gained a significant lead and kept putting up consistent, World Title winning runs.  Curt got back into the zone after a bad start for him personally.  A challenge between Pablo Hernandez, Mario Fatturoso, and Curt quickly escalated for the Zone Acc gold.  Very high scores were thrown down with the head wind.  Curt eventually put a perfect 100 on the course in the last round to secure the Gold by only a few points.  It took the top score for all 3 rounds for Curt to finish Zone Acc in 1st with 300 out of 300 points.  The end of this also saw Pablo in 2nd place overall, just a few points ahead of Curt.

With a comfortable lead, Nick got on the plane and got a nice safe score to finish the meet off in 1st overall.  This saw Nick become only the 3rd canopy pilot in the sports history to obtain more than one World Title.  The first to do so was Jay Moledzki followed by Curt Bartholomew.  Nick also finished up Distance with a 2nd Place medal, giving him 2 Golds and a Silver for the competition.  Pablo finished the last round in 2nd Overall, Curt eventually finished on the last step of the podium in 3rd.  Ryan Brownlow was able to bring it home in a respectable 10th place overall.  Getting into the top 10 amongst the talented and deep field of canopy piloting is no easy feat.  The competition was fun for all and was run very well by the event coordinators and judges.  Thanks to everyone involved for such an awesome event!  Alter Ego would like to offer a congratulations for everyone involved and can’t wait to see everyone at the next comp!


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