DISL #1 – A World Air Games Warm Up

The 1st DISL competition of the 2015/2016 season saw an influx of competitors and a restriction to Pro Class only due to the event being held just before the World Air Games.  It gave the competitors who chose to attend a chance to warm up and get over some jet lag before the big event.  The event was started off with Zone Accuracy.  The weather was gorgeous with a light head wind.  The scores were great and it was a tight run at the top.  Curt started off running his Peregrine but after the first round he decided to switch back to his trusty Comp Velocity, and his scores spiked once he did that.  There were a lot of 100’s and 90’s put down on the course.  The Zone Acc podium was Nick Batsch in 1st, Justin Price in 2nd and Abdulbari in 3rd.  Curt was down in an uncharacteristic 7th after a mistake in the 3rd round sliding past the box.  The meet moved into the distance event next with good, if not slightly variable winds.  Nick got an uncharacteristic zero in the first round of Distance due to climbing too early and getting a vertical extension at the 50 meter gate.  Curt struggled a bit with distance, losing a lot of power in his recovery arc due to a gear issue, which he finally pin pointed during the comp.  The distance event saw Pablo Hernandez take 1st, Cornelia take 2nd, and Mo Baker in 3rd.  The comp moved swiftly to speed.  Curt started getting normal scores flying around the problem having identified it.  Nick was fast as always on his 57 Petra.  There was a titanic battle both at the front and a ways down as Curt and Nick began clawing at the lead of Pablo and Cornelia.  The point difference going into Speed was very little between the two of the front.  The pressure was building for everyone as chances for points were getting fewer and fewer.  Cornelia got a zero during the Speed event after not making the turn pushing hard, as Curt closed in on Justin Price who was now sitting 2nd.  Going in to the last round of the comp there was .15 points separating Curt and Justin.  Curt put the pressure on coming in with a 2.3 second run in zero wind.  You could hear his excitement in the middle of the course as he cheered.  There wasn’t anything he could have done to secure that 2nd place finish.  Nick put up a great score the last round, barely slower than Curt and securing 4th place overall.  Pablo was struck by the variable winds on the last round, having to fight a headwind and getting a little bit slower of a time.  Seconds before Justin began his approach, the variable winds struck again and shifted to a tailwind.  Justin capitalized and crushed a 2.1 second run, the fastest speed run of his career.  When all the dust settled, Pablo took home 1st by a small margin, followed by Justin Price in 2nd, Curt in 3rd, and Nick in 4th place.  Everyone was warmed up for the World Air Games and anxious to get to it!






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