Yellow Course

This course continues to build confidence and precision following the Silver Canopy Course.  Learn about the types of weather phenomenon and how they affect your canopy during flight.  Also learn how utilize your harness and control your canopy with just a thought and truly become one with your parachute.  Always wanted to know what your body position does to canopy flight, and how much it affects it?  Find out in this course.  Finally, take a look at how the front risers affect the canopy and start picking up a little speed.  These advanced drills will give you a full understanding of what your wing is capable of.

For those who want to:Yellow

-Weather phenomenon that affects canopy flight

-Learn harness inputs

-Learn to combine control inputs for smoother flight

-Intro to use the front risers

-Utilization of body position

-The forces acting on your canopy

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Silver Course Certification