Skydive Sebastian

At Skydive Sebastian, they willll give you a view of the Florida Coastline like you’ve never seen it before. Located on the pristine Sebastian, Florida inlet, the dz is the largest on the Florida coastline and will give you an unparalleled skydiving experience.

Located over 7 acres, this world-class skydiving center caters to skydivers of all experience levels. Their experienced, skilled staff is committed to making you feel comfortable during your time their. If you’re a first timer, their Tandem Skydive allows you to freefall while attached to one of their tandem masters! If you’re an aspiring skydiver, their nationally-recognized skydiving school offers Accelerated Freefall (AFF) courses. And if you’re an experienced skydiver looking for a home drop zone — they can assure you a view you won’t get anywhere else!

At Skydive Sebastian they have it all– load organizing, beach skydives, the Zoo Bar & Cafe, a skydiving gear store, on-site rigging services, and one of the friendliest skydiving staffs in the world.

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