Rodrigo Espinosa


Name:  Rodrigo Espinosa

Age/Birthday:  34 years old/ Jan 11th, 1983

Languages:  English, Spanish

Hometown:  Santiago, Chile

Current City:  Deland, Florida

Training Location:  Deland, Florida

Canopies:  Performance Designs Velocity 90 (Skydiving)

Years in the Sport:  6

Date of First Skydive:  January 7th, 2012

Total Jumps:  2,900+

Base Jumps:  0

Hobbies:  Wake Boarding,

Occupation: Skydiving Tandem Instructor, Freefall Instructor, Evaluator and Tunnel Coach for Belly flyers Accomplishments: 1st Place 4-Way Formation Skydive NSL AA 2016, Flying Tail

Future Goals:  Achieve higher level of instruction as an Examiner for new Coaches, AFF Instructor and Tandem Instructors, improve canopy skills to be able to give higher level of coaching.