Orange Course

Round out your canopy skills with the Orange Course.  This course combines everything you have learned in the first two curriculums.  Worried about that first “off” landing.  You will learn everything you need to know about landing off the dropzone or in an unknown landing area.  Go much more in depth on pattern flying and continue to build pin point accuracy so you can nail that landing in a small backyard.  This course will also look into emergency maneuvers more in depth, turn reversals, dive recovery, and how to get yourself out of that bad situation you just got in.  Finally, master full control of your landings and how to avoid obstacles.

For those who want to:Orange 1

-In depth look at Pattern adjustments

-Unknown landing areas/off landings

-Obstacle avoidance during landing

-Turn reversals

-Dive recovery

-Half braked approaches

Course Recommendations

Yellow Course Certification