White Course

Need to get that perfect shot?  Then the white course is what you are looking for.  This course encompasses almost any style photography or videography in the air, from tandem videos, freefly formations, belly formations, or 4-way teams.  Learn our specialty of filming air to air canopy formations, high speed artistic shots under canopy, or capturing another swooper hitting the course from the air.  Get the perfect angle on a canopy flock formation from ten thousand feet, or one of your friends under canopy at sunset.  The White course will teach you where to be, or where not to be, to get these shots while keeping you, and your subjects, safe.

For those who want to:White

-Learn to spot the perfect angle for any picture

-What slot to fly for any freefall formation or subject

-Do’s and don’ts of tandem videos

-Air to air photography under canopy

-Learn to fly a video slot for a 2-way swoop

-Learn to film canopy flocks

Course Recommendations

200 jumps as per USPA recommendations

Alter Ego Coach Evaluation