Wingsuit First Flight Course


Started skydiving because you’ve seen a wingsuiter ripping down a mountainside at Mach 10?  Well this is the course you have been working hard for the last few hundred jumps to finally sign up for.  It will cover everything you need to know to zip that wingsuit up for the first time safely and confidently.  It will cover basics of flight, body position, emergency procedures and how to properly plan your flight path.  It is the first step down a long and amazing road to accomplish serious life goals, or just to go have a little bit of fun and stay in freefall longer than your friends.

For those who want to:wffc

– Get into the world of wingsuiting for the first time

– Spend some extra time in freefall

– Learn basic flight in a wingsuit

– Learn emergency procedures specific to wingsuiting

– Learn how to plan flight patterns


Course Recommendations

200 Jumps


Non-elliptical canopy loaded 1.3 or less