Pink Course

Female on female.  Don’t get excited boys, you aren’t invited!  This course is taught BY women TO women.  Learn from one of the best female canopy pilots on the planet.  Tired of every male on the dropzone trying to show you “The best way to do that”, even without asking?  No matter what your experience level, you will feel at ease, learn how to rock your landings, and will also learn what it is like to be a female skydiver and how to deal with “No, No dear, let me show you how it’s done”.  Soon YOU will be the one showing the over-informative macho at the DZ “how it’s done”!

For those who want to:Pink

-Learn to fly your parachute with confidence in an all-female environment

-Courses range from Silver criteria all the way to Black

-Learn how to deal with some of the biggest issues female skydivers face under canopy

-Advance your skills with a fun course structure that will have you flying better than the boys

Course Recommendations

All Female Only