Nick Wins Pink Open, Curt Keeps Podium Streak Alive

Alter Ego attended the Pink Open again this year in the form of Nick, Curt and Jeannie.  Skydive Pink Klatovy hosted another amazing meet at a great dropzone.  This event is one of our favorite of the year.  A lot of new faces were there, especially from the US.  Nick was on his usual form and was up near the top the whole competition.  Curt was still battling his shoulder injury and did his best to shadow Nick and hang in at the top.  Curt even managed to take 1st place in the distance event.  Jeannie continued to progress and put awesome scores on the board.  When the dust settled, Curt had made a mistake in speed and skipped off the pond, dropping him to 3rd place overall.  Max Manow of Germany took 2nd overall, and Nick continued his streak and took the Gold overall.

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