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Name:  Nick Peck

Age/Birthday:  26, August 15th 1989

Hometown:  Orlando, FL

Current City:  Deland, FL

Training Location:  Deland, FL

Canopies:  Performance Designs Comp Velocity 75, 79 (Skydiving) Swing Mirage 9.5 (Speedflying)

Years in the Sport:  7

Date of First Skydive:  January 22nd 2009

Total Jumps:  4,000

Base Jumps:  200

Soaring Time:  20 Hours

Hobbies:  Surfing, Hiking, Freediving, Cliffdiving, 1000 bicep curls, Rock Climbing

Occupation:  Canopy Coach, Tandem Instructor, Videographer, AFF Instructor

Future Goals:  Further spread canopy knowledge across the globe, build all skydiving skills sets and use them to help promote safety in our sport, compete more heavily in the canopy piloting scene and make the US Canopy Piloting Team, get involved with more demos and special projects to promote our sport to the populace


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