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Name:  Michael McCann

Age/Birthday:  31, May 21st 1982

Hometown:  Langhorne, PA

Current City:  Deland, FL

Training Location:  Skydive Deland

Canopies:  Performance Designs Peregrine 71 Valkyrie 84 Competition Velocity 75, 79, 84, 90

Years in the Sport:  10

Date of First Skydive:  July 6, 2004

Total Jumps:  7,500+

Base Jumps:  8

Hobbies:  Photography, Video, Snowboarding, Motorcycles, Longboarding, Snowboarding, Tunnel flying, Formulating bad ideas with friends.

Occupation:  Tandem Instructor, Skydiving Photographer and Videographer, Test Jumper, Canopy Coach, Tunnel Instructor, Professional Competitor, Professional Canopy and Freefall Exhibitionist

Future Goals:  Work with my team mates to further the education for canopy control, capture the best shots of my team mates doing their thing up in the sky and all the way to the ground! I also have some pretty cool ideas, that I can’t unveil yet…..and of course, Fly Harder and Faster!!!


Mike’s Accomplishments:

Part of the original 5 person team that helped build Skydive Dubai from the ground up

Helped Skydive Mex get setup and operating during their first season

USPA Tandem Instructor Rated

USPA Coach Rating

Tunnel Instructor Rated

Professional Exhibition Rating – 120 Square Foot Canopy

Certified First Responder

CPR Certified