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Name:  Max Bruffell

Age/Birthday:  26, July 22nd 1988

Hometown:  Farnham, England

Current City:  Dubai, UAE

Training Location:  Dubai, UAE

Canopies:  Icarus Canopies Petra 69 Leia 74 Performance Designs Comp Velocity 84 (Skydiving)

Years in the Sport:  7

Date of First Skydive:  February 2008

Total Jumps:  5,500+

Base Jumps:  100

Hobbies:  Paramotor, Tunnel flying, BASE, Scuba Diving, Ice Hockey, Business, Firefighting

Occupation:  Canopy Coach, Tandem Instructor, Freefall Coach, Aerial Cameraman

Future Goals:   Continue to better myself in swooping and perform well at a world level. Also start running canopy piloting courses around the world for anyone who is interested in learning how to fly a canopy safely and actively. I also plan to start travelling around more to do various projects and help expand what is capable within our sport.


Max’s Accomplishments:

1st Overall for the season DISL 2013/14 (advanced)

Selected for Team GB 2015

World record for most people to exit a balloon in one flight

World Record for largest canopy formation in BASE Jumping

DISL 1 Intermediate Overall: 3rd

Pink Open Klatovy 2013 Overall: 33rd

DISL 2 2015 Intermediate Overall: 3rd

DISL 3 2015 Intermediate Overall: 4th

DISL 4 2015 Intermediate Overall: 3rd

DISL 5 2015 Pro Overall: 11th

UK Nationals 2014 Overall: 8th

King Of Swoop 2014 Overall: 23rd

DIPC 5 2014 Overall: 24th