Jason Sanders



Name:  Jay Sanders (Jason Clay Sanders)

Age/Birthday:  36, April 12th 1977

Hometown:  Springfield, SC

Current City:  San Diego

Training Location:  Skydive San Diego

Canopies:  Daedalus Project Petra 59, 64 Sophia 64 Leia 72 Triathlon 120 (Skydiving) Flik 242 (Base)

Years in the Sport:  12

Date of First Skydive:  July 8, 2001

Total Jumps:  11700+

Base Jumps:  42

Hobbies:  Playing Xbox, Watching Movies, Video Editing

Occupation:  Skydiving Photographer and Videographer, Skydiving Instructor, Canopy Coach, Professional Canopy and Freefall Exhibitionist

Future Goals: I want make the US team again and win the Canopy Piloting World Championship.


Jays Accomplishments:

1st Place Speed 2013 PD Project Orange

2013 US Canopy Piloting Team Representative

Professional Exhibition Rating – 72 Square Foot Canopy

1st Place 2015 FLCPA Meet #4 – 1st Place Distance, 1st Place Speed, 3rd Place Zone Accuracy

3rd Place Distance 2015 US Canopy Piloting Nationals

7th Place 2013 US Canopy Piloting National Championship

13th Place 2013 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championships – 4th Place Speed

3rd Place Overall 2012 California Regional Canopy Piloting League Season – 2nd Place Meet 2, 2nd Place Meet 4

1st Place 2011 Arizona Skyhawks Salt River Balloon Festival Swoop Competition – 2nd Place Distance, 3rd Place Accuracy

108 Way Vertical World Record Formation 2009 Skydive Chicago

53 Way Vertical World Record Formation 2005 Perris Valley Skydiving

2nd Place 2005 Skydive AZ Free Fly Money Meet

2nd Place 2008 Canopy Piloting Circuit Meet 1

2nd Place 2008 Canopy Piloting Circuit Meet 2

3rd Place 2008 Canopy Piloting Circuit Meet 3

5th Place 2008 Canopy Piloting Circuit Meet 4

2008 2nd Place 4 Way VFS Skydive Arizona Tunnel Gauntlet

2008 4th Place 4 Way VSF US Nationals

FAA Senior Rigger