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Name: Jake Carlow

Age/Birthday: 27, May 10th 1989

Hometown: Olympia, WA and Clearwater, FL

Current City: Las Vegas, Nevada

Training Location: Twin Falls & Moab

Canopies: Performance Designs Velocity 90 & Sabre 2  120 (Skydiving) Performance Designs Proxy 280 (BASE)

Years in the Sport: 9

Date of First Skydive: May 2007

Total Skydives: 5,000 (500 wingsuit)

BASE Jumps: 518

Hobbies: Climbing, Flying Helicopters, Hiking, SCUBA, Traveling and Coffee

Occupation: Skydiving and BASE Jumping Instructor

Future Goals: Teach future BASE jumpers to practice BASE ethics and sound judgement to promote longevity and safety in the sport.


Jake’s Accomplishments:

One of the original founding members of Alter Ego in 2009

BASE 1406

Night BASE 199



Helicopter Pilot