Course Info

The Alter Ego Project is Team Alter Ego’s canopy school.  The term alter ego refers to another side of someone, just like when you leave your normal live behind and immerse yourself in the world of skydiving at the dropzone.  Our goal is to embrace that aspect of our sport and teach everyone that has the desire to learn how to become a better and safer skydiver.  The Alter Ego Project will make you a part of the team.  Come join the Project and discover your true Alter Ego!

General info:

Courses all start at 8am at the specified DZ where you will meet with your instructor.  After introductions, we will discuss experience and goals of each individual to make sure you are getting what you need out of the course.  The course will then have a ground school in the classroom followed by the jumps.

Signing Up:

To sign up for an Alter Ego Canopy Course, click on the calendar and select the course you are interested in! Email the contact info on the flyer to reserve your slot. You can email us at with any questions. You can also contact us on Facebook at  Another option would be contacting the specific coach of your choice directly on Facebook.  If a course is being held at a dropzone near you, it is possible to contact the DZ directly.  If you would like to set up a course that is not on our calendar, contact us with information on which course you are looking for, where you are located, and all of your contact info.  We will set the course up for you.


All Courses are $150 per person and are one day courses.  Jump tickets are not included in the price.  Weather permitting, each course is at least 5 jumps, however, we will continue jumping until sunset if desired.  One on one coaching is available for any course for a price of $350 plus the cost of jumps. 2 on one coaching is $175 per person.


After completing the course, each student will be awarded a certificate of completion for your specific course.  You will also be added to the Student Tracker on our website so that you can follow your progress and see what course you should take next.


If you are a dropzone that is interested in having an Alter Ego instructor or instructors come out to your DZ for a course or a swoop camp, contact us at to set one up.



What if my course gets weathered out?

We do our best to reschedule the course while either party is still in town.  If that is not possible, all of the ground schooling and information will be covered and all of the drills will be discussed.  You will then submit videos online and receive full debriefs for 5 landings. Your instructor will be available by email to answer any questions you have regarding the drills.

Which course should I take?

First check out our course pages on our website.  Each course has descriptions on what is taught and recommendations on what should be done before each course.  If you still aren’t sure, email us at and we can help find the right course for you!

What if I have never taken an Alter Ego course but want to take a higher level course first, is that allowed?

Yes. We can custom tailor courses for your needs so that you get exactly what you need without wasting days in courses that are unnecessary.  Skipping course levels is left up to the discretion of your instructor.  If they feel that you need to go through a specific course for safety reasons before moving on, then you will be required to take that course.

Can I take the course with rental gear?

Absolutely.  You can jump your own gear, borrow gear, or rent gear for the course.

Can I pack for myself?

Yes, you are more than welcome to pack for yourself.  However, we recommend you pay for a packer so that you can focus on the information and the jumps being done in the course.

I just got off AFF but do not have my license, is it too early to get coaching?

It is never too early for coaching.  The earlier you start the better.  We can help you get rid of, or never develop bad habits that can be a pain to get rid of once repeated over and over.

I just downsized, should I wait to get coaching until I have some experience on my parachute?

No.  One of the most common mistakes made is waiting.  We can help you adapt to your new wing much quicker and safer, especially when swooping.

What is the difference between a canopy course and a swoop camp?

A canopy course is one of the individual courses we offer and is a one day course.  A swoop camp is between 2 and 5 days and all participants must commit to the whole camp.  Swoop camps are more focused and in depth, custom tailoring the course for each individual to reach a specific goal.

What is The Alter Ego Project?

The Alter Ego Project is Team Alter Ego’s canopy school.