BASE First Jump Course

Want to learn how to throw some sick aerials off of the local hot Abercrombie models condo even though they are way out of your league?  Can’t wait to throw yourself off a European cliff and fly down scenic mountains with a wingsuit?  Then you have come to the right place!  Before you can swoon your next fling, we need to start at the beginning.  You will learn all the ins and outs of the gear, rigging, packing, and how it is different from your skydiving gear.  Are you envious of looking at those awesome pics of people doing awesome daylight jumps off of illegal objects?  Well, that won’t be you!  You will learn the history and most importantly the ethics involved with BASE so you don’t piss off all of the local experienced jumpers by burning their objects.  If you have a local building that you have been staring at for years wanting to jump, you will leave this course knowing whether or not it is actually jumpable.  You will be able to evaluate not only the objects, but all of the weather conditions involved specifically for BASE so you don’t look like a scared little kid when you walk away from a sketchy jump.  The in depth explanations you can provide to your friends that watch on wide eyed will have a wow factor of their own as to exactly why you just made the best decision of your life to walk away from dangerous conditions.  On your way to those heart stopping aerials, you will learn how to rig and execute static line jumps, hand held deployments, stowed deployments, slider up and slider down jumps.  You will also learn all of the standard exit scenarios so you can safely work up to any type of advanced exits.  If you’ve ever felt like just a number being pushed through a factory at any other course in skydiving, this course will make you feel right at home.  With a max student capacity of 10 per course, the 2 instructor format will keep the ratio no higher than 5 students per instructor.  This allows our experienced and driven instructors to give you the individual attention you need to send you out in the BASE world safe and properly informed.  We also help provide contacts across the globe to find a suitable mentor once the course is over.  A proper mentor is one of the most key ingredients to having a long and safe BASE career.  We hope to see you guys out at the bridge so we can get you hooked up with that dreamy crush you have been admiring from afar!

For those who want to:BASE

– Get into the world of BASE jumping for the first time

– Learn the history and ethics involved with BASE

– Learn Emergency situations and Priorities

– Weather considerations

– Learn about object selection and evaluation

– Gear selection, packing and rigging

– Learn exit scenerios

– Static line, hand held, stowed, slider up and slider down practice


Course Recommendations

200 jumps, 50 in the last 12 months

2 references

Has shown canopy proficiency during a canopy control course through Alter Ego or a trusted substitute

Have approved BASE gear (we can help with that!)