Alter Ego on Top Again as FLCPA Season Progresses

The FLCPA season continued with the second meet of four at Skydive City in Zephyrhills.  The weather was still not co operating in Florida and the conditions were very tricky the few days before the meet and during the comp.  Curt was the league coach again the friday before, handing out tips and tricks out of his seemingly endless bag of tricks.  The weather was far to windy the second half of the day friday so Curt held a seminar on competition and course strategy.  Rolling into Saturday morning, the ground winds were ok for the training round, but the uppers were 30 knots!  It made for some interesting setups and visuals.  As the meet kicked off with round one, Curt started the meet off with the fastest speed time of the day.  The winds had already started to pick up and going into round two there was a 0.3 second time drop off due to high winds and very tricky cross-head wind conditions.  Competitors had to dig deep to hit their setups correctly and have a good score.  Ryan Brownlow was in town for the comp and had 2 strong runs in the conditions seating himself in the top 5 after speed was done.  Jeannie struggled with the difficult conditions with her new turn but kept pushing on during the comp.

On to distance next, Curt again kicked distance off with the farthest swoop.  Despite hooking his Peregrine 67 up incorrectly after a fresh reline and no training time before the meet, Curt was able to control the canopy through the course and counter a slight left turn due to twists in the line group on the left front riser for a good score.  Ryan again put down nice consistent runs on both distance rounds to keep himself up near the top of the pile.  Jeannie racked up another few zeros while still having a rough comp.

Zone Acc proved one of the trickiest events in the super strong winds.  There were a lot of scores in the 70 point range, along with a few 91’s on the second round.  The team put some good scores on the board to round out the end of the comp.  When the dust settles, Curt was out front again by over 40 points to second place Gage Galle.  Third place was an impressive performance from Matt Shull.  Greg Windmiller of the Golden Knights was fourth, and Ryan Brownlow, our yellow ranger rounded out the top 5 of 21 Pro Competitors.  In the Amateur class, Ben Lowe fought through the tough conditions to come out victorious, while Pawel Piotroski was second, and Darin McKeen got on the podium in 3rd at his first competition.  Rob Harris in 4th and Stephen Perry, both students of the Alter Ego Project, rounded out the top 5.

Halfway through the FLCPA season, Curt sits in the lead with 200 out of 200 points, followed by Gage Galle with 195.4 points, and Scott Harper sits in third with 190 points.  Jeannie is rounding out the top 10 with 157.9 points.  With 2 more meets to go can Curt stay on top?  1 of the 4 competitions will be dropped from the overall standings, with the top 3 performances making up the competitors scores.



 Photo’s by Jim Harris

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